Battle Between Capital Ships

The large ships of the Invaders and the human guerilla Legion are equipped with shield generators that produce a nearly-impenetrable solid wall of spherical force around the entire ship. Lasers cannot pass through unless fired at a certain frequency attuned to the specific shield; thus, a ship can fire through its own shields; also, a ship could fire through an enemy’s shield if it had detailed information on the specific field generator.

Energy-producing or “charged” weapons can hack through and temporarily disrupt portions of an enemy shield. These weapons are expensive to make. Jetpack Infantry Infiltrator units charge enemy ships (while Invader units do the same), hack their way through the shield, and attempt to clear the distance to the ship before they are detected and attacked by enemy artillery and laser fire.

Infantry are placed in a very vulnerable position while they hack through a large ship’s shield. They usually receive cover from friendly bomber Wing units, which are small, fast, unshielded ships that streak by the enemy and fire missiles. Some of these missiles are equipped with energy disruption mechanisms similar to Infantry handheld weapons; thus, shielded ships are kept busy tracking and felling these missiles, some of which could prove dangerous to them. This distraction allows Infantry time to reach the enemy ship and cut their way inside. All ships are manned by internal defense forces; Infantry must lug their heavy packs through the ship, blast through enemy defenses, find the shield generator, blow it up, and get out before their own ship wastes the enemy vessel.


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