Black Heaven: The Power Behind the Human Resistance

The Black Lance Legion, a guerilla army whose soldiers are the last humans who have not submitted to alien rule, are the last chance our species has to regain its freedom and awaken the old spirit that burned in us long ago. The Legion is led by the elusive Admiral Franks. He is known as the Storm Lord, and he rules from a secret location known as Black Heaven. He is assisted by the staunchly pro-human Shadow Government, which sends its command broadcasts out on secret channels to the highest-ranking members of the Black Lance Legion.

The human species is also helped by Black Science, a branch of the Legion composed of wise men and scientists who produce (and reverse engineer) advanced technology and weapons for the Legion. Its members are sometimes harvested from Reaver Tactical, the so-called “cunning wolves” of the Legion who help plan operations that forward the will of the Storm Lord.

The Entertainers are in charge of propaganda, and spearhead the drive to create the kind of culture that is appropriate for a strong and noble species. The Entertainers claim to be far, far older than the Legion itself, but they willingly work alongside the Storm Lord because he, and he alone, has proven capable of protecting the flame that drives our species. According to the Entertainers, that flame has grown dim over the course of generations, and was in dire straits long before the Invader arrived and threatened to snuff it out forever.

However, a terrible price must be paid in order to walk the path of survival. The soldiers who fight for the freedom of humanity are not free themselves; they undergo extreme behavioral conditioning and live under a system of totalitarian rule so that, one day, no human will have to. For a soldier of the Legion, the only choice is to fight and die as a human, or to run and die as a coward. In the cold of the vacuum, there is no comfort to be had outside of the vision of hope given by Admiral Franks, the Storm Lord of the Black Lance Legion.

Rumor has it that no branch of the Legion is based on Earth. Sadly, our entire homeworld has become a hellish stronghold of Invader rule. As far as the Earthbound humans know, the entire solar system has fallen to the Invader and they are living in the final days of their species. Unless the Legion can stop the Invaders, the people of Earth are doomed to die as slaves in alien farms, in nightmarish laboratory pens, or as gladiators for the entertainment of the Invaders. The only safe place left for humans, it seems, is in the darkness of space… where the guerilla war has just begun.


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