Ship Production and Shield Technology

All Invader and human Black Lance Legion capital ships are uniquely designed; no two are alike. Pre-Invasion human ships had no force shielding capabilities, so they fell easily to the seemingly invulnerable Invader forces. Furthermore, pre-Invasion ships were mass-produced, so when vulnerabilities were found in one, then they could all be hit at the same vulnerable spots. The reverse-engineering of a single captured enemy ship (including the copying and re-tooling of its shield generator, advanced engines, computer networks, and powerful hull designs) have given the new Black Lance Legion a real chance at winning battles against the enemy.

Force shields are invisible unless they are deflecting fire. Unlike pre-Invasion ships, which are well-lit and brightly colored, all Invader and Black Lance Legion ships are very dark and difficult to see in the vacuum. Infantry from both armies are darkly armored; usually, a jetpack’s flare is visible such that a soldier’s computer-equipped helm can track and separate friend and foe once the flare of the jetpack is scanned and logged.


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