Rules of the Game

Heavy Metal Thunder can get as nerdy as you want. Do you miss the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books and want to strike a blow against linear narratives that don’t even bother to feature you as the protagonist? That’s great: You can read Heavy Metal Thunder, make choices, influence the story, and not worry about all the complicated record-keeping. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Mass Effect, Rifts, Fallout, or legendary solo-RPG series like Lone Wolf, Grey Star, Way of the Tiger, et cetera, then feel free to use the rules presented in the Heavy Metal Thunder series to keep track of your character’s statistics, equipment, skills, experience and levels. You don’t need any dice; challenges are met and opponents are overcome by combining and comparing numbers that you have assigned to your character’s stats. You can play as a brainy gearhead, a nimble sniper, a raging goon, a hard-as-nails survivalist, or a soldier with a wide variety of skills but no single area of concentration.

Best of all, the rules aren’t presented up-front as an incredibly steep learning curve that you have to “master” before you even begin reading the actual story. Instead, the rules are presented gradually, one concept at a time, throughout the game. As the series progresses, new rules will be introduced for various unique situations and new skills will be presented as you advance through your career as a soldier.


2 thoughts on “Rules of the Game

  1. I just purchased Heavy Metal Thunder Book One from and look foward to reading and playing it on my Kindle Fire. Keep me posted when you publish more of these sort of “make-your-own adventure” books. I am hoping they become popular so that I may purchase more of these sort of books to read via my Kindle Fire.

    • Hey Frank, sorry for taking so long to reply to this! I hope you’ve read and enjoyed the first book. It’s finally starting to attract some readers and get some really good reviews. I don’t have the second book, Sol Invictus, ready just yet, but I’ll definitely let you know when it’s finished! Until then, let me suggest another book I’ve written. It’s called Demonworld. People tend to like it even more than Heavy Metal Thunder, which is kind of crazy, I think, when you consider that it’s a linear book rather than a “choose your own adventure” gamebook! Here’s a link to Demonworld’s page on Amazon, if you’re interested:

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