Experience Points and Character Level

As you learn and grow on your journey, you will earn Experience Points, which are abstract representations of your actual experience. When you gain enough Experience Points (or XP), you will gain additional character Levels and receive additional Stat Points, Skills, and Blood.

You start out this game of survival at Level 1. When you have at least 15 XP then you will gain one character level and the rewards that come with it.

Character Level

As a Level 1 Black Lance Jetpack Infantryman, you start out with:

10 Blood

1 point per Stat, +3 points to distribute

1 point per Combat style, +1 point to distribute

5 Skills

 With every Level earned, you gain:

+3 Blood

+3 Stat points to distribute

+1 Combat points to distribute

+1 Skill

Experience Points Per Jetpack Infantry Level

Level   2          15 XP

3          40

4          75

5          120

6          175

7          315

8          465

These XP/Levels apply only to the Jetpack Infantry class. As your character advances in rank within the Black Lance Legion, he will earn Levels and Skills applicable to his advanced rank.


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