The Black Lance Legion have taught you several skills so that you may effectively fight the Invader forces. Below is a list of nineteen skills available to Jetpack Infantry. At Level 1, you may choose 5 in which you are proficient.

Navigation. The ability to make sense of the hidden paths within the void. Skilled navigators can use the stars and planets as guides to find the quickest routes through the solar system. Becoming lost in the void can be a fate worse than death in battle.

Computers. Knowledge of the various systems built by humans that store and retrieve information and guide machines. Even without this skill you can still use a computer, as can most humans in the space age. However, this skill will give you the upper hand in making any program do what you want.

Stealth. The ability to move about unseen and unheard. In this era, Stealth also includes an understanding of how to hide your infantry armor’s various electronic, heating, and other apparatuses prone to remote detection by the enemy.

Pilot Ship: Small. The ability to pilot the smaller commercial and military spaceships made by humans. Includes use of older pre-Invasion ships as well as the newer, advanced ships. The controls of spaceships are very complicated, and without this skill you will be almost completely clueless about ship functions.

Demolitions. Knowledge of the ingredients of explosive materials and the know-how to put a simple bomb together.

Jetpack Skill. Every Space Infantryman understands the basics of piloting his own jetpack. This skill will give you greater understanding of jetpack piloting, jetpack maintenance, and knowledge of the Legion’s more advanced jetpack models.

Weapon Proficiency: Hand-to-Hand. With the introduction of bulletproof energy shields and jetpack infantry that can move faster than bullets, close-in combat has become important on the battlefield. A good infantryman can outmaneuver and kill enemies up close, pierce the shields of enemy ships, and hack through hulls using the expensive, energy-producing weapons made by the Black Lance Legion. If you pick this skill, you will be proficient in the use of one type of H-to-H weapon: Blades, which includes knives and swords; Maces, which includes heavy blunt weapons like steel batons and maces; or Spears, the long, piercing weapons of the Legion. Blades are good for slashing flesh and hacking off limbs, Maces are good for bashing armor and bones, and Spears work well if your enemy is some distance away, or when used in groups of other spearmen. You may select proficiency in one of these weapons if you choose this skill, but you may choose this skill more than once if you desire proficiency in more than one type of H-to-H weapon.

Weapon Proficiency: Ranged. Knowledge of the Way of the Gun. Energy shields are expensive to make, and are not widely used; plus, to kill from afar is still the safest path in war. If you choose this skill, you will be proficient in the use of one type of gun: Rifles, which includes long-range single shot rifles and automatic rapid-fire rifles; Handguns, which include small automatic handguns and older revolvers; or Shotguns, which are the heavy bruisers of gun warfare. You may choose this skill more than once if you desire proficiency in more than one type of ranged weapon. Note that once you have chosen to fire a gun at the enemy, you must fire at least one bullet, even if you realize afterwards that you have no hope of hitting the enemy!

First Aid. The human body is not a perfect engine of warfare; wear and tear, and even death, are inevitable. To stay one step ahead of the Widowmaker is paramount to survival. This skill includes knowledge of healing medicines, drugs that enhance performance, poisons that impair bodily functions, and knowledge of the application of first aid in space.

Xenology. Little is known of the Invader, but a few of the enemies’ ships and bodies have been captured and studied extensively by the Black Lance Legion. Xenology can give a soldier the upper hand when dealing with a strange, alien species. Knowledge at this level includes the basic information that your leaders think may be of use to an Infantryman, but does not include classified information.

Sixth Sense. When death can occur anywhere and anytime, a warrior’s mind does anything it can in order to stay alive. Some soldiers seem to develop a sixth sense that warns them of danger when their eyes and ears do not. Some tacticians in the Black Lance Legion believe that intuition is the ability to scan and sort information on a subconscious level; when in danger, the subconscious warns the conscious mind via a peculiar sense of fear. While no good Infantryman wants to live in fear, separating raw fear from that inner voice of warning can help one tread the fine line between being smart and alive and being a coward.

Stat Mod Skill: Weight Lifting. If you pick this skill, then you have spent a little time in the gym and take care of your body. You may add 1 to your Strength statistic. (This skill and all other Stat Mod Skills may only be chosen once.)

Stat Mod Skill: Intensive Study. You have a college-level proficiency in one or more subjects. You have trained your mind a little more than most and can have an intelligent discourse on a few things. Add 1 to your Intelligence statistic.

Stat Mod Skill: Gymnastics. You have some understanding of how to leap and fall without hurting yourself, and how to move quickly without wasting energy. Add 1 to your Dexterity statistic.

Stat Mod Skill: Public Speaking. You don’t feel quite as much fear as others when it comes to making your thoughts understood by a group. Add 1 to your Charisma statistic.

Be sure to make a note which 5 skills you choose. You must choose all 5 now. As you rise in levels, you will be able to choose more skills to add to your repertoire of knowledge.


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